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Default Re: LTC problem on MIX+ deck laybacks?

I'm not sure what you mean by "Clock Source=Internal" because that is not right. The clock source should be the USD, with all the other settings you have already, but then you later say the USD is selected on the Sync Tab. The other observation that sounds odd is:
If I am on “8 frame” or “none” Freewheel settings, everything looks good when it’s cueing up, but when PT hits my insert location—no meters play, and the time code readout in the transport is choppy.
Pro Tools meters stop working? What timecode readout is choppy? The one on the deck itself? Both decks behave that way? I would not expect the deck to have trouble reading its own code under any circumstance.

This sounds like a problem I encountered at another facility once, and it was operator error (me), but I cannot for the life of me remember exactly what was wrong or how we fixed it and I am not in my studio to check myself now. It is NOT a problem with your cabling because you can chase the LTC okay.
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