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Default LTC problem on MIX+ deck laybacks?

Ok, so I’ve racked by brain trying to figure this one out. I’m setting up an old MIX+ rig and I can’t layback to either my DSR-80 DVCAM or PVW-2800 decks correctly (analog or AES). I think I’ve narrowed it down to a time code issue because the ONLY way I’ve got it to work is to use Jam Sync. I’ve switched LTC cables/connectors, bypassed the patchbay and plugged right into my USD, but can’t seem to get a stable lock. If I am on “8 frame” or “none” Freewheel settings, everything looks good when it’s cueing up, but when PT hits my insert location—no meters play, and the time code readout in the transport is choppy. If I just switch to Jam Sync, all is good. This only happens when I try to layback. Everything syncs up fine when I’m online and just hit play. Does this sound like a time code problem? If so—what LTC connectors/cables is everyone using to go from a BNC in/out on the deck to either a ¼” or XLR in/out on the patchbay or USD/SYNC?

I’ve tried to list all the pertinent specs below. I have double checked frame rates match up. Hopefully this is just something easy I’ve missed. Anyone have an idea? Thank you in advance if so!

Hardware Setup
PT 6.4.1 TDM on PC
MIX Core (receiving USD and 888/24 cables)
MIX Farm (receiving 888/16 cable)
888/24 (receiving super clock from USD)
888/16 (receiving super clock from 888/24, with “out” 75 ohm terminated)
USD (firmware 5.03, receiving house black from Rosendahl to “video ref”, with “out” 75 ohm terminated)
Machine Control 2.0 option (using Keyspan USA 19-HS adapter)
Rosendahl Nanosyncs (sending house black to all decks and USD)
Deck LTC Out to USD LTC In

Pro Tools Settings
Clock Source=Internal
USD Setup in Session Setup (clock ref=Video Reference; position ref=LTC, format=NTSC)
Machine Control Tab (9 pin serial enabled, “generic 2 ntsc” for DSR-80, preroll=150 frames, “use serial TC for position ref” is NOT checked—I’ve tried both)
Sync Tab (USD selected on the digiserial port, Min sync delay=15 frames)
Drop insertion marker, switch transport to machine, arm track 1&2, click online and hit record
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