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Default Distorted sound in protocols via Eleven Rack

Hello all,

I have recently purchased an Eleven Rack (after some great advice from this forum). Has worked very well for a week, both standalone and with the newly installed Pro Tools 12. However now there is a highly distorted and clicky sound from all settings when used as an interface to protools - initially just playback but now both recording and playback. Still works very well as a stand alone unit through to powered speakers. For clarity I don't mean an overdriven sound (that is meant to be there) - it is an intermittent clicking and high fuzz/distortion on all settings including the cleans. It had worked perfectly initially.

I have a recent imac with I7 and 8 gig ram, running Yosemite. Recently installed pro tools 12 (that came with 11R) and the 11R firmware is version 2.0.1, build is

Very frustrated and cannot work out how to get any support from Avid.

Any and all help appreciated - thank you in advance!

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