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Unhappy Songs don't open if I've used the search window (tutorial opens instead)


For example:
If I use the search window on the app in my iPad and enter "Another," it brings up two songs in the drop-down list: "Another Heart Calls" and "One Way Or Another." However, when I when I select either one, it opens up the tutorial file instead of the song I seletced.

I can open the songs just fine if I search for them manually in the title list or icon list, but I have a zillion songs, and for some reason they are not displayed in alphabetical order (which I haven't had time to figure out why yet) so it takes FOREVER to find them that way.

I should be able to search for the song I want in the search window, and select it from what's displayed there, but as I said, it opens the initial tutorial thing instead.

Any help?

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