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Default Re: HD Hardware (HDX/HD Native) not detected by macOS (macOS 11 Big Sur

Originally Posted by newstrings View Post
Running Mac OS 11.5.1 on a 27" 2017 iMac i7. HDX isn't recognized since the Big Sur install without adding a line of Terminal code each time I restart, which is

sudo kextload /Library/Extensions/DigiDal.kext

per the Knowledge Base.

Then functionality is restored.

Will there be a patch soon that will remedy this?

I used your Terminal command and it worked great.

sudo kextload /Library/Extensions/DigiDal.kext

I used to have a command that automatically operated whenever I started up my Mac, but unfortunately I deleted it when cleaning up startup items. The link to the avid page no longer has this command. Any idea how to do this? I can't find it anywhere. Here is that link again.

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