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Default plug in not showing up

2 issues so far in getting my stuff set up/moved over from PC on new Mac pro.
1. Tried installing the TRacks EQ from IK media disc that came with 002r. It opened a box that asked for a "password". I would have expected a "serial number", entered the one that came with it, didn't work. It said invalid, but continued to install anyway. It said install was successful, but the plug in is not showing up. The TracksEQ folder is showing up appearing as if it were installed.

2. I appear to have gotten my external hard drive set up OK. PT is allowing me to work with files from there. However, one particular session that was a completed song has no data on the tracks. All the tracks are there with the region names, etc., but there's no waveforms, all the tracks are sort of uncolored. The the click track plays. I'm pretty sure the last time I worked with it on the PC it was fine.

Appreciate any help.
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