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Default Just bought Mbox 3 w Pro Tools 9: registration and ilok questions / free 10 upgrade


I have recently purchased new boxed Mbox 3 with Pro Tools 9. Today I've installed both the hardware and the software and have registered the bundle via registration application on Pro Tools 9 installation disc using the info on the registration card. I have recieved an email about succesful registration aswel as the free offer for Eleven and Moogerfoogers. But I haven't recieved anything about free upgrade to Pro Tools 10 and I should be eligible to that, according to what I've read. Is this has to do with the following:

1) I have recieved two registration cards in the package. I have registered using the one for the entire bundle which also has four letter code, but not yet with another for Pro Tools itself. Do I need to register that one too, and is the small number in between the barcodes and under the title "PRO TOOLS 9.0" the serial number I need to input on the registration webpage?

2) According to the Pro Tools Installation Guide, the included ilok key is already preauthorized, and I've managed to start Pro Tools without problems. But do I still need to register an account on ilok website?

Please help me ASAP. Many thanks.
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