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Default Re: Pro Tools stuck when loading

Originally Posted by mrtomcat View Post
Something strange has happened, a few days ago everything worked fine and I have not installed anything new since.
Today when I tried to launch Pro Tools it got stuck on the splash screen while loading my UAD plugins, no errors, just stuck......
.Any ideas?
Looks like you all found a solution/ work around.....

I just wanted to chime in because this has been happening to me as well. On every version of PT and since V11 on waves, and all versions of UAD.


I narrowed it down with Waves support to only having to do a Waves Central refresh with their servers, (ie put computer on internet close everything down, fire up waves Central, and log into your account, then click the circle arrow button to resynch/refresh...... close wave Central, , then reopen PT.

I was just freezing on splash screen & did this while replying here and it fixed the issue....

Waves Support said I was supposed to be doing this periodically......

Hope this helps,

If not I at least wanted to document my fix on the DUC !!!
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