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Default Pro Tools stuck when loading

Something strange has happened, a few days ago everything worked fine and I have not installed anything new since.
Today when I tried to launch Pro Tools it got stuck on the splash screen while loading my UAD plugins, no errors, just stuck. After several restarts, Force Closes and finally uninstalling UAD and then re-installing, I finally trashed the Plugin Preferences and it went past the UAD's but then got stuck on my Waves plugins. When I tried to launch Waves Central this got stuck as well...again no error just hangs. I then completely removed Waves from my machine and Pro Tools launched again but now I am without Waves plugins.
I already opened a support ticket with Waves but since this started with other plugins and is directly related to PT, I was hoping someone here has an answer on what is causing this and how to fix it...
I am on a Mac Mini (late 1028) MacOs 10.15.3, PT 2019.12
Did Apple secretly push some kind of security patch out that is now blocking my plugins?

Any ideas?
PT Ultimate 2021.10
Nuendo 10.3
Wavelab Pro 11
UAD Satellite Octo Thunderbolt, UAD Quad Pcie
Apollo Twin Duo,
HDX Card,
2x Avid I/O Analog 16/16,
4x Artist Mix, Avid Dock, PT Control,
2019 Mac Pro 12 core, 48 gig Ram, running Big Sur,
lots of outboard gear
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