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Default New drivers for Quartet+Duet 2

Although I think this section originally was meant for the Avid editions of Apogeeīs Duet+
Quartet I want to leave a brief info that Apogee has released brand new drivers for both,
the original Duet 2+
the original silver Quartet
today which make those units work with Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite+Mavericks flawlessly.
Installed it for my Quartet today and worked several hours without any issues on my Mac
Mini i7 Quad with Mac OS Yosemite and Pro Tools 11.2.1.

Worked on a session with tonīs of plugins from Waves, MCDSP, Softube to HOFA etc. and
was happy to experience no problems at all neither with the Quartet nor with Pro Tools.
Both did work well with Yosemite so far.

Btw Avid has not officially released Yosemite-ready drivers for the Avid versions of Duet+
Quartet yet but they will for sure come up with it soon.


Mac Mini i7Quad, 16GB Ram, MBP Mid 2012 2,5GHz i5, 16GB Ram, MacOS 10.10 Yosemite, Apogee Quartet+Duet 2, Genelec Active,
Yamaha NS10, Pro Tools 11.2.1, Logic 10.0.7, Waves, MCDSP, Duende Native, Softube, HOFA, IK Multimedia, NI etc.
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