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Default Re: Why do inactive tracks show up when I open my project?

Thank you for your replies. I still need to explore this further so any additional insight would be appreciated. First to answer your question. I have version 2020.11.0. Second, I am referring to Sessions (not projects). Lastly, most of the recurring inactive track are tracks that were initially Virtual Instrument tracks which I later “committed” to audio.

As a quick test, I went ahead and “hid“ the unwanted tracks one more time. And then I saved the session. Then when I went to close ProTools I saved it again when I got the usual dialogue checking one last time if I want to save the project. At that point when the file opened it was clean and did not have any of the issues. I wonder if this is the solution- that it’s requiring me to do that double safe routine in order to avoid the problem. Is this issue familiar to anyone? I’ll be keeping an eye to see if the problem is solved by double saving.

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