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Default Re: Owning Multiple Interfaces

Originally Posted by thejosephw View Post
I own an Mbox 2 Pro and a copy of Pro Tools 8, and i'm very happy with it except for the one issue of mobility. I want to be able mix and edit in a coffee shop without lugging my Mbox there.

I want an Mbox Micro, but I can't find it anywhere where it's not sold with Pro Tools for $250.

I understand, if they sold it for $100, then people would pirate the software and get the hardware for cheap, but there has to be a way for a legit customer like me to own two pieces of hardware without having to buy the software twice.

Am I missing something?
Your not really missing anything. Keep in mind that the business model is that MAudio interfaces are or sold with out software and PTLE interfaces include software. Theoretically that software is linked to that piece of hardware. EG If you sell and transfer ownership of your Digi interface when you sell it your supposed to include the software it shipped with. The software belongs to the interface. Any upgrades you purchase are yours to keep. Now as long as the buyer and seller both understand this and agree to sell the unit sans software that their business.

You have 2 choices.

A) Buy one used. Thats what I did.

B) Wait till its PT upgrade time and buy a new one and spin off the unopened software for as close to the 149.00 upgrade price as you can get. Or keep the Micro and the software and pat yourself on the back for saving 150.00 on the upgrade.

I dont think that Avid has any plan to offer these sans software. It's a shame since I suspect that a lot of PTLE owners would buy these if they were offered in the 100.00 to 125.00 range.

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