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Default Midi request: Lock midi regions/meter/tempo to timeline

I posted this on the Pro Tools-TDM/Mac page but thought this would be a good forum as well...

Here's an example situation...

1) Composing music for picture (rough cut), say a 64 bar piece. You do your arrangement - midi, audio, loops, whatever.

2) You receive revised "final cut" of picture and find you have to make changes early on in the piece to match the new cut, but... aside from a few changes early in the piece, you wish to keep everything later in the session the same (including the subsequent midi arrangement info: tempo/meter, etc).

Here's where it gets weird. While the audio in the session can be moved in a sensible, predictable fashion, the midi information is forever stuck in a hellish "shuffle" mode - a change made in the first minute of the piece disrupts EVERYTHING midi-wise from that point.


Would it be possible to implement some sort of midi region/timeline locking capability for tempo and meter so that one could limit the automatic recalculating of midi arrangement info to a pre-defined range of time - and leave the subsequent midi bar/beat/tempo/meter information intact.

Take a 64 measure cue. I want to revise bars 12 - 16 but everything after bar 18 can (and should) remain unchanged.

In my perfect world I'd be able to "lock" my midi regions (or tempo/meter maps in the ruler display) so that everything from measure 18 remains unchanged regardless of what I do between bars 12 - 16. I understand there might be some drastic tempo recalculations necessary to fill in the "dead space" between the end of "revised" bar 16 and the beginning of "locked" bar 18 but that would surely beat having the entire midi arrangement from that point disrupted.

Does this make sense, anyone???


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