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Default Re-installing after crossgrade.


Ive been experiencing problems with my setup since pro tools 8. It's a simple mbox2 setup. I had hoped that upgrading to pt9 would help but it has not. Some of the errors i've run into are:

-Access violations cannot write location.....
-Assertion in "..\Mdie_Track_Player.cpp",line 476
-runtime error Program:C:\Program Files\Digidesign\ProTools\ProTools.exe r6025-pure virtual function call
-"while translating tracks" errors

I've done searches on all these errors and found them across the years, operating systems, and pro tools versions. What I haven't found is working answers. I've done all suggested deleteing, reloading, configuring I can find documented but nothing has worked. These issues have led me to purchasing of new hard drives, ram, operating systems, and software upgrades. My pro tools crossgrade was done on an absolutely clean machine within specifications. These errors seem random to certain sessions.

That is my situation, I don't expect a miracle cure.

What my question today is, if I purchased pro tools as a crossgrade from 8, can I uninstall Pt9 and just reinstall from the downloadable full version available in my user area, or will I have to re-install 8 from disc (including windows xp) then re-download and install the pt9 crossgrade again? My PT8 included the virtual instruments that screwed my first crossgrade attempt, not sure if the full pt9 includes these.


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