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Default Mac G4 Workstation Compatability, Help and Questions!!!

I have got a G4 Mac Workstation from 2003 with OS X 10.2 , twin 160GB HD's and an unkown amount of RAM. I *must* purchase a new DAW and firewire interface before too long for it. I want Protools beause it is the best but have had some problems in the past with my mac-mini and three PC's. It seems to be touchy software and very tricky to stabilize.

Is this so with the Mac Workstations which are G4? It has twin Xeon processors. I couldn't find anything on compatibility on the Digidesign website specifically related to the mac workstation but will look again as soon as I am done posting.

Also, since I'll need to upgrade to 10.4 can anybody please recommend exactly how to go about doing that? I have experience with computers but not so much that with Macs. It has tons of multimedia software on it already and somebody recommended I make a 'Carboncopy' file by some service and a back-up if I upgrade OS or just upgrade the second HD, which I didn't think would be possible.

Thanks so much for any kind help and assistance!

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