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Default Re: PT8.0 Crash on CPU Change

I know an external drive is 'recommended' and no I am not using one. I do have one but I have had no real issues with performance, and my computer serves me well using the 320gb 7200rpm internal drive. I have been running it like this for a couple of years now. Anyway I think I have found out why Pro Tools crashed whilst changing the CPU level from 85-90%, I had izotope vinyl inserted on an aux channel which constantly crackles the the background, even whilst in the prefs screen. Seems like PT8 doesn't like this too much! I just went back and made the aux inactive and no problems changing, as soon as I reactivate the track it crashes whilst changing?No problems at all during playback though?

Still can't figure out what is happening with the permissions repairing though?
Even after a repair, its says it has repaired the permissions problems then if you run it again it shows the same faults?Something to do with iphoto I believe...even though Ive deleted it!
Anyway thats for a different forum!
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