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Default Re: Digital keyboard / Midi randomly stopped working when using virtual instruments

Hi everyone, good news, I've finally found out what the problem was.

So with the release of the new Pro Tools packages I thought I would try the Pro Tools Ultimate trial hoping that the update from 11 to Ultimate would most probably sort out my midi issues.
It turned out that is was not the case and I was having the same problem with Pro Tools Ultimate not registering any midi signals whatsoever.
With this in mind, with both Pro Tools 11 and Pro Tools Ultimate having exactly the same problem I thought It must be a sound card or digital piano problem. At first I reinstalled the Yamaha midi keyboard driver for windows 10 which you can find on thier website (its called "um3141x64"), then I visited my soundcard manufacturer's website, download and reinstall everything available, which I did. This consisted of 3 downloads: 1, a Firmware update, 2, a driver update and 3, a Mix Effects Windows App that creates a virtual mixing desk on your windows desktop and allows you to edit the sound with various effects.
Now I remember installing the driver and most probably the Firmware when I built this PC and set everything up but I don't think I had installed the Mix Effects app which I do remember installing on my old system prior to this.
But another weird thing is I had actually got Pro Tools 11 working with Midi on this new build a while back so this whole thing is baffling me, and I don't think I had Mix Effects installed back then because I would have had no need to install it now...
Alternatively maybe my soundcard manufacturer updated the Firmware files and that has fixed the problem.

Anyway to cut a long story short it could have been either or any of these downloads that fixed the problem. Just make sure you are regularly jumping back to your sound card manufacturer's website and downloading and installing everything they have to offer, that's what sorted out my problem.

Another bizarre thing is all the standalone programs would work perfectly in windows without whatever fixed the problem with Pro Tools 11/ Ultimate, I could play along using the standalone Virtual Instruments on my digital keyboard with no problems.

Thanks for the help and support.
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