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Default V-Control Pro update

Gotta give a shout out to Paul Neyrinck! I got V-Control Pro with the idea of using an old Control 24 with my current rig and it worked!!! Lots of good function, but several un-mapped controls(I know, HUI limitations...). Anyway, the sad part was that the surface was just too big for my little mixing room. Now the happy part; the software can make the Presonus Faderport V2 into a pretty bitchin' controller for Pro Tools!!! The killer feature(for me) is that I can use the fader to control any parameter on any plugin(at least that I have tried). Just hover the mouse over a control and grab the fader! But WAIT....There's MORE! I contacted Paul about the footswitch not working for quick-punch and within a few days, he sent me an update. When I reported the update was not working, we had a real-time conversation on FB and he had a fix for me within 30 minutes!!!! Talk about support!!! He is looking for a few beta testers with FP8 or FP16 for his next release. Once that hits, I may have to carve out a bit more desktop😀
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