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Default Re: Pro Tools 5 some audio tracks not playing

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
I can't speak on this old, but as a troubleshooting step, do a Save Session Copy(include audio files and enforce Mac/PC compatibility if its an option) and then try opening this copy.

Still no luck? Are the regions muted(grey'd out)?

Still no luck? Consolidate and export all the audio files and import to a new blank session.

One more option; If the audio is in SD II file format, export the audio as wave and import into a modern DAW(unless you have a reason that it needs to stay in PT5)
Thanks for all the suggestions! I tried re saving the session but no luck. The tracks were still not playing. I think consolidating the files and importing them into a new session will work. But I'll probably do that as a last resort.

The problem only exists in old sessions done on PT3.4. I have a bunch of sessions that were done on PT5 and they all play ok. Will keep on trouble shooting.

Thanks again for the help.

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