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Default Re: Digital keyboard / Midi randomly stopped working when using virtual instruments

When you are replying can you try separating your replies from the questions/previous text it makes it much easier to reply to you.

"make sure you try trashing prefs, just to be sure."
What do you mean by trashing prefs? Does this mean having everything back to the default settings similar to reinstalling pro tools?

Trashing prefs means removing the simple preferences files that Pro Tools relies on, that can frequently become corrupted. Trashing Prefs is the first thing you should be doing when troubleshooting problems. Should be second nature to do by hand or to use a utility to do it. Described under "Help Us Help You" up the top of each DUC web page, along with other general troubleshooting, which maybe should include more MIDI relevant stuff. Make sure you follow the instructions for your version of Pro Tools/operating system. Or for Windows I'd just purchase Trasher (the developer is on DUC).

Uninstalling and reinstalling Pro Tools does not trash prefs, and probably too many users leap to do that, there are many more effective things to try first, which are documented in standard troubleshooting steps. Who knows if trashing prefs here will help or not, I suspect not, but it should still be the first thing you try.

You can/should also just google terms here you don't know about, that will find a ton of stuff about trashing prefs.

Just to let you know I also tried a fresh reinstallation of Pro Tools which for some strange reason caused windows to do one of those system repairs before windows could load up again!

"I am assuming you don't see any MIDI activity on the *MIDI meter* in the Instruments section of the mixer channel strip (not talking about the main audio meter on that channel strip) and along with no notes appearing on the track."
- No only when I manually use the mouse to press a key on the virtual instrument's graphic keyboard.

??? Be careful here I'm asking a critical question. When you show the instrument section in tracks do you see any MIDI activity in the MIDI activity meter in that section? Pressing a mouse key in the instrument GUI will *not* show activity there so you are not answering the question.

The problem is either MIDI events are not getting to the track/VI at all or the VI is not responding to them. And that's a key thing to determine now.

What happens when you click notes into Pro Tools using Window>MIDI Keyboard.

And just to confirm, the screenshots and your comment here and in the other thread I understand:
  • The MIDI keyboard you are using is enabled in Setup>MIDI>MIDI Enable
  • The instrument track is record enabled
  • MIDI Thru is checked
  • "all" is selected as MIDI input on the track.

Which are all the obvious finger problems, and so damn easy to slip up on one of them. But now knowing for sure that the track is getting MIDI/seeing MIDI activity in the is the final step on the MIDI side of things...

So at the moment I only have my mouse, keyboard, Ilok key, Steinberg key, External Sound Card and Digital piano connected via USB. The Yamaha driver had been uninstalled, tried rebooting, unfortunately after really hoping this might fix the problem it didn't.


When loading MIDI-OX up, going into Options and clicking on Midi Devices you can see that the computer recognises the keyboard is connected, recognised as "Digital Piano". And when pressing the keys on the digital MIDI- OX is noting down what keys have been pressed. So there is a signal. I mean the thing is I have no problems using the stand alone programs with the digital piano...

Great, I just wanted you to remove any other stuff, like standalone VIs, which yes confirm the basic keyboard works, but once everything else is removed you can use MIDI-OX to confirm the keyboard is working/MIDI events are gettin into RPo Tools.
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