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Default Re: Digital keyboard / Midi randomly stopped working when using virtual instruments

Hi Darryl thanks for the reply, and once again sorry its taken a while to get back. I've tried what you suggested:

"make sure you try trashing prefs, just to be sure." - What do you mean by trashing prefs? Does this mean having everything back to the default settings similar to reinstalling pro tools? Just to let you know I also tried a fresh reinstallation of Pro Tools which for some strange reason caused windows to do one of those system repairs before windows could load up again!

"I am assuming you don't see any MIDI activity on the *MIDI meter* in the Instruments section of the mixer channel strip (not talking about the main audio meter on that channel strip) and along with no notes appearing on the track." - No only when I manually use the mouse to press a key on the virtual instrument's graphic keyboard.

"I don't think your Yamaha keyboard needs a MIDI driver to work, and I'd try uninstalling the driver and anything else from Yamaha. The "Emulated" indicates an old style pre-Windows DirectMusic thingy, I would hope (but have no real idea) it might goes away when you just reply on class compliance/no separate installed driver - I've uninstalled the driver but this made no difference and the problem persists.

"I would try:

Disconnect all MIDI devices, including any interfaces that have a MIDI section--except the MIDI keyboard you are trying to use.

Uninstall any Yamaha or other MIDI driver related software packages.

Reboot the PC

Make sure no other audio or MIDI apps or utilities are starting up and that you don't have any MIDI splitter or routing software, including stuff that might have been bundled with other software or hardware."
I've tried disconnecting everything that is not required to help pro tools work. So at the moment I only have my mouse, keyboard, Ilok key, Steinberg key, External Sound Card and Digital piano connected via USB. The Yamaha driver had been uninstalled, tried rebooting, unfortunately after really hoping this might fix the problem it didn't.

"You can also install some MIDI monitoring software, like And see if the key presses are at least getting to the monitor, and you can double check what MIDI device they are coming in on... and make sure that device shows up in Pro Tools." - When loading MIDI-OX up, going into Options and clicking on Midi Devices you can see that the computer recognises the keyboard is connected, recognised as "Digital Piano". And when pressing the keys on the digital MIDI- OX is noting down what keys have been pressed. So there is a signal. I mean the thing is I have no problems using the stand alone programs with the digital piano...

Here's a screenshot of MIDI OX if this helps at all.

Thanks again
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