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Default Re: Digital keyboard / Midi randomly stopped working when using virtual instruments

Ok so I've tried turning off Power Management on all USB ports in Device Manager which unfortunately did not fix the problem.
I've tried searching for posts on "How to reassign the Virtual Instrument" but can't find any. Also tried looking through the Reference Guide and could not find anything.
Would it be possible if you could forward a link or explain if you have time how reassign a Virtual Instrument?
I've also uploaded a screenshot of my UI showing an instrument track with the Mini Grand VI active in both the editing and mix window just in case you may spot something that looks wrong.
Another thing. By clicking on the VI keyboard you can actually play the piano using your mouse. I think I mentioned it before but when using the digital piano with the stand alone versions of Addictive Keys and VSL there is no problem.

Thanks again for your help :)

Kind regards

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