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Default Re: MTRX/DADman and Core Audio Outputs for Web or Logic...Stereo & 7.1.4

Originally Posted by creativecontrol View Post
I would check the following:

Quit Pro Tools and open Audio MIDI Setup > Audio under Applications/Utilities.
From there, right click on HDX and investigate:
Configure Device
Configure Speakers

For Configure Device, make sure you don't have one of the boxes ticked that would be used with C|24 or XMON as shown here:

Then double check speakers to make sure they are all contiguous and ordered the way you think they should be.

YESSSS! Thank you Jeff!!

That was exactly what I needed! I never knew about the control clicking on HDX inside of AudioMidi to get those options! Also....side note..... but being able to control click and get to that menu when using the Dolby Audio Renderer and the additional buffer control you get there out of the renderer has been helpful!

Thanks again! Sorry for the delayed response!
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