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Default Re: MC Transport Feature request

Originally Posted by chris-euphonix View Post
You always see the timecode in minutes/seconds. But I have little interest in this. I always want to see the time display in bars/beats.

Would be nice if there was a way to keep the bars/beats visible when using "jog".

Perhaps there could be an option to swap minutes/seconds with bars/beats, so bars/beats appears on the upper (larger) display instead. Then the lower display could still read "jog" when engaged.
I asked support about this a while back and they said it's not possible due to the way apple sends data to Eucon.. I'm not sure if I am convinced, due to the fact that both types of displays make it to the transport and it should just be a matter of choosing which one.

Also, the jog/shuttle toggle button is a good thing, cause you might want it off and move the wheel accidentally.
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