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Default click to activate recording in Pro Tools 3.10

The problem I īve is when I enable a track to record pro tools makes a click and repeats and repeats constantly, the funny thing is that if I open the saffarie mix (Focusrite) the click does not play in the interface, only in pro tools. Before using cubase 5 and gave me this problem would never. Already directe monitoring is disable of continuous audio card the problem.Only pro tools.

The team that will work is as follows:

Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit service pack 1
Intel Core i3
4 gigs ram
HDD IDE system 150 gigas
working disk SATA 250 gigabytes
Pro tools 10.3
Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 audio card and generator workclock
Octopre MKII Focusrite connected via ADAT with BNC slave workclock
Artist mix
Artist control
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