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Default Re: Multiple Tracks To 1 Track

Here's a simpler way to achieve the same thing:

(BTW, IMO the best name for this kind of thing is a 'submix'. A 'bus' is what we call the connection between a source and a destination in the PT mixer.)

Make shure I/O is showing on your tracks in mix window or edit window. Select the three tracks (so that their names are highlighted on the mixer and in the track list). While holding shift-opt, in the output selector on one of the tracks, select "New tracků", set 'Format' to mono, set 'Type' to Aux, give it a name 'Vox Left' f.ex.

A new Aux track is created and the selected tracks will instantly be routed to it. (Holding option when you click on the output selector would have made this happen to all tracks, shift-opt means 'apply to selected tracks'. Same goes for many other operations in PT.)
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