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Default Re: Help! ProTools 5.1.3 on MacOS 9

Originally Posted by groovebrother View Post
I've read the hole thread

Nostalgia got me i guess.

Yes fragmentation could be the problem and at the time even when HD came out we had to spread audio files on several HDD's.

Also make sure that all HDD are set in R (record) mode or at least P (play) in the configuartion menu / disk allocation or workspace (i cannot remember where exclatly)

If i remember well firewire HDD could slow down the pro tools rig so it was way much better to have all HDD connected in the mac
I appreciate you chiming in. We're still working with reduced capacity on that system, most likely due to just silly configuration issues... but it's actually working out pretty well, because he's stemming everything out in order to get off this legacy system.

Things still seem to be working reasonably well for now. In the end, the "fix" ended up being a couple of new cards for $200.
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