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Default Newbie help with system lock ups


i just installed Protools 10 on my windows system.
I also installed the Native instruments Komplete 8 package.

I have downloaded all updates for both, I bought protools with the Mbox interface and I have downloaded and installed the latest driver for this.

Today I tried to start a new project.
I recorded some bass guitar, then opened Kontakt and loaded session drummer and put some midi files from that into the edit window.
Recorded another track of bass, and while looking around in the mixer window my system crashed hard.
It made a constant stutter sound, like a few millisecond sound in a constant loop, and all mouse and key movement froze completely.

All I could do was a hard reset of the whole system.

This has now happened many times, I cannot find out what triggers it other than at random times my system freezes like this. I get no error message, and the CPU and disk meters seam reasonable.

My system is a Dell system with Intel core quad CPU processor at 2.4 ghz
Win 7 32 bit home premium with serv pack 1
Nvida Gforce 8800 GTX display adapter
System is using RAID mode on two disks.
I have a WD connected via USB where I have stored the samples from Kontakt
I have been creating project on my main system drive as Protools will not let me use the USB drive.

Anyone know where I should start?


Frode Berg
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