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Default protools an icon platform M+ - cannot communicate stable

After a busy christmas I finally sat down to setup my icon platform M+ with my protools 2018.10.0 setup on my mac.

All pretty easy to setup, power, USB into mac, update the firmware to current 2.03 - use the platform M+imap app to update and connect.

Follow the online quick start from icon, setting the m+ mode to HUI inline with the 2.0 firmware changes

all pretty straight forward.

boot the m+ and protools, the faders slide once to "ready" position then I get a pro-tools error

"Pro Tools is unable to communicate with the HUI, Power-cycle the HUI and check it's connections, Note, if HUI is not in use, update the Peripherals dialog to prevent further warnings"

basically, I can't talk to your controller.

tried a few different USB cables (not got a huge amount of the type 2 cables spare same result.

Any one got their M+ working with 2.03 and pro-tools or seen this problem ?
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