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Default Upgrading Auto Tune 4 to Auto Tune Evo

HI there

I have upgraded my Auto Tune 4TDM to AT evo (6) TDM.
When upgrading to AT6, license surrender is required. So AT4 is not working any longer.

When opening old sessions with AT 4 inside, it wont recognize the new AT/ settings and automation data.(It says AT4 plug-in is missing).
SO I have to re-open the new AT 6 plug-in and reprogram every single session where I have used AT in the past. That is big time PITA.

Is there any easier way to import the settings- is there any way at ALL?

Why is that so compilcated-Digi?
(It would make life so much easier if we could import old data, when the specific plug in is missing in the system, but used in the session.)

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