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Default Re: Pro Tools Studio 2022.05 is not showing video in the clips list

Originally Posted by smurfyou View Post
Only PT Ultimate shows video clips in the list. Since Studio can only use 1 video at a time I guess they figure you don't need to see it in the list.

When you sent the project did you do a "Save Copy In"?

If it's sticking in the session that sounds like a bug you should log with Avid support.
Thanks for this, I had no idea!! I picked up the upgrade to Studio (perpetual) last year thinking it would be enough and it honestly is except for this little annoyance then.

Re: your question, yes i do "Save Copy In". And that still copied over the stray 'invisible' video clip that i couldn't see.

I discovered from other posts that I can 'see' if there is a video file still being pointed to if i go to workspaces, default workspace, and then click on the project and if there's a 'Session Video Files' video file folder in there.

I think I did discover a workaround however - in the 'Save Copy In' menu - it won't copy the stray video clip if I select the tracks in the session and check the checkbox 'Selected Tracks Only'.
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