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Default D-Control Focus Fader inactive

Hi and thanks in advance

The fader for my focus channel has become unresponsive all of a sudden mid session or maybe between swapping mixes.

I have swapped with a known working fader and same issue so i know it's not the fader itself. Have tried a firmware update by resetting the FW then updating but now when updating I keep getting an error saying update unsuccessful despite the utility, system. FW ver showing v10.0.0.0. other than that all seems to be working perfect.

A little oddity is that a couple of times (literally twice)when turning on the D-Control the focus fader has moved to it's starting position with all other faders.

Running Fader tests in Utility shows no movement in group mode, cycle and step moder the display acts as if working but fader is unresponsive. Touch mode display shows nothing.

I am running the current version of Pro Tools Ultimate on Windows 10 with a HDX card, FW updated
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