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Default Drag from workspace stops audio from workspace...

Heres the scenario. 10.10.4 - PT |HD 11.3.2

1. Track is looping

2. Workspace is open and I'm clicking through listening for a sound that may work in the song.

3. find one and drag over to the arrange window to import into the session.

4. continue listening for more options but the sound from workspace is now off or something and i can't hear any other file clicked on in the workspace.

5. stopping the main transport and restarting the looping track allows the workspace audio to be back in line.

Anyone else noticed this?

MacPro 12 Core 24 G Ram 10.12.6
PT 12.8.1 Mbox 3 Pro Plug-ins Verified
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Kensington Trackball Works/Orbit Optical
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