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Default Re: Solo does not solo one track but a few more!

Pro Tools First is a free DAW from AVID that is available since 2015.
The Versions prior to 2019.5 were only useable with AVID Cloud and limited to 3 Projects / 1 GB free.

You have / had the option to increase the Cloudspace for a subscriptional fee. Since 2019.5 you also can use Pro Tools First for local stored Projects. These Projects can be downloaded to your Cloudspace and only from this cloud space these Projects are accessible from other Pro Tools Users.

The main restrictions nowadays for Pro Tools First are that you are limited in tracks and features aswell the only use of plug-ins bought or rented from the AVID Marketplace.

If you rent the AVID Complete plugin-Bundle für around 50 Bucks a year, you have, in my opinion, a real good value DAW to interchange or work with other Pro Tools Users.

In General the usage is nearly similar to "Full" Pro Tools Versions like Vanilla or Ultimate. It is the lack of features like missing video tracks, Clip Gain, Folder Tracks a.s.o where you have to decide to go for the Full Versions or not. In my case, i use them both and because of education version can justify the 100 Bucks per year included the AVID Complete Bundle.

If you are using Pro Tools for professional use cases exclusively you should be able to buy or rent at least the vanilla version. For home amateur cases or non
Pro Tools exclusive work (Like me Cubase, Logic, Reaper, Pro Tools) it might be the right decision to stay on Pro Tools First - which is becoming at least 1 update per year - FOR FREE!!!

These are my thoughts and opinions about the Pro Tools First.
You will always get better solutions, but mostly not for free

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