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Default Dual Firewire

I am running an old Mackie dxb digital console with my 2018.1 Pro Tools rig. If I run a single Firewire connection for 24 channel of I/O, it all goes to plan. If I try and run a second card with the playback engine configured to see both cards as an aggregate, as to get more I/O, Pro Tools immediately goes sideways and gives me the dreaded 6101 CPU error. It doesn't matter the size of the project, plug ins, track count, etc.

I am running a MAC Pro 5,1 with 48 gigs of RAM, SSD drives. The console is clocked to an Apogee AD-8000, though I get the same behavior even if the MAC is master clock. I am stumped and not super versed in all things Pro Tools as of yet. Just looking to see if what I am attempting to do with more I/O is possible with dual Firewire. I am guessing I will get a limit of 36 channels since I am not using AVID hardware but 36 channels would be great if I could get it to work.

Any ideas?
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