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Default Kernel Panics

Hi all,

For the last, oh year or so, I have been experiencing random Kernal Panics on my MacBook.

I've installed a new hard drive, new ram, updated my OS & used Disc Warrior to repair Disc Permissions. I thought it was all good until my Mac crashed again.

After posting my crash logs on Apples discussion boards, it seems my MBox might be the culprit.

Of course, I can't work without it, so I came here looking for help.

Can anyone recommend troubleshooting ideas, such as removing certain plugins & then reinstalling them that might help me out here? Is this a common issue for anyone else? Is there any sort of firmware update I can do?

Truth be told, I haven't used ProTools in over a year and feel a little out of the loop. I just today seen that there is an update available. Should I install that first? I do plan on using PT again very soon and need this crash issue fixed.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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