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Default Re: Anybody using an M-Audio Nova with the 11R?

Sure you can use pretty much any mic with the Eleven Rack, except USB mics of course.

How are you trying to use the mic with the 11R? In standalone or with Pro Tools? Are you wanting the mic to be processed with effects from the 11R or do you want to just go straight in to Pro Tools or another DAW?

If you want to use a mic that is going through the 11R internal effects:

Plug an XLR cable into the mic and into the 11R XLR mic input.
Make sure GAIN all the way down first.
(for condenser) flip ON the 48v switch.

Then go into the user controls (hold EDIT/BACK or use the on screen editor)
You want to switch the RIG INPUT to MIC

Then you will adjust the GAIN knob, you can check the METERS on the 11R to make sure you are not clipping the input.

Now if you want to record the effected mic sound into PT you would choose Eleven Rig L/R or L or R (depending on Stereo or Mono Audio track) as the input for the channel.

Now if you just want the mic dry into PT, then there is no need to switch the Rig Input to Mic. Just choose MIC as the input of your Mono Audio Track (or AUX) Then you could play/record guitar processed through the 11R and the dry mic at the same time in Pro Tools.

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