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Default EdiLoad v4 released with support for AAF and XML

I'm proud to announce the release of EdiLoad v4. Here is a list of what's included in this major update:
  • New 64bit app with updated user interface that is macOS dark mode and HiDPI compatible
  • Option to import AAF files and FCP7 (Premiere Pro) XML files into the main and compare windows
  • Ability to import up to 99 audio tracks into the main window with new 'Source Frame Count', 'File Name' and 'Info' columns
  • Fix for compatibility with Pro Tools 2020.3+. Required when re-conforming sessions at 29.97 FPS
  • Switch from exporting PTX files to AAF files for all clip-based exports
  • New 'Update Data' window to update the timecode values in a Text or Excel file when picture changes occur
  • New List menu item to remove sections in an edit list that are covered by an EdiLoad change list
  • New List menu item to move selected events to a new track
  • New List menu item to ripple defined tracks to the lowest possible track selection
  • New List menu item to fix 00:00:00:00 source in timecodes with an alternate EDL
  • New 'EDL Save Format' menu item to lock the format during every import
  • New 'Column Transfer' window Modify options to convert YYMMDD dates to 11Y11M11 dates and vice versa
  • New 'Text Encoding' preferences to allow load and save of text files with non-English text
Here's a video outlining the new features:

NOTE: EdiLoad v4 requires either macOS 10.10+ or Windows 8+, while EdiLoad v4 licenses require a 2nd or 3rd generation USB iLok or sharable iLok license.

For more information see the EdiLoad product page.
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