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Default Re: Bought 2 of these Stream decks and they are Grrrreat!

Originally Posted by Lynn Gräber View Post
Just curious what these offer compared to customized softkeys with Avid Control/Dock.
As many pages of buttons as you want with physical buttons. In addition, it can operate with other non-eucon apps and the operating system. There's muscle memory learned with using it too (since they are physical buttons)

I don't look at it as "one or the other" but "both". Stream Deck + Eucon/Dock.
I have SoundMiner and Izotope RX Advanced programmed to the StreamDeck in addition to pulling up Eucontrol, DADman, and notes (if only to pull them into focus so I can use the Dock softkeys.) Still no app switching in Eucontrol/Dock after all.
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