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Default New Mac New OS - PT Version?

My 2011 iMac Thunderbolt port gave out. I was running Sierra (the highest I could go) with PT 2018.12.0.
I just purchased 2018 Mac Mini i7 with Catalina 10.15.7. I am thinking I want to run a clean fresh install of all software including PT without cloning my hard drive from the old iMac.
AVID states my PT for my Mini and Catalina are Pro Tools 2019.5 - Pro Tools 2020.11
If I load 2019 or 2020 on the Mini will I have any issues in opening up my saved sessions created in PT 2018.12.0?
2020 Mac Mini I7 3.2GHz, 36 GB Ram, Catalina, ProTools 2018.12.0 UAudio X6, Axiom Pro S49 MkII, Maschine MKIII.

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