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Default Re: Can Pro Tools Rip MP3 on the fly?

Just as a matter aside, how can you get Pro tools to recognise the onboard sound channels? When I look at the Input settings, it seems to only recognise the 001 box. I assume somehow that I'd need to redirect one of the Buses to the on board sound?

Panther should handle that with ease. MP3 conversion is a on the fly things these days.

The old WireTap tended to have some hick ups/pops with SCSI drives but the internal IDEs seem quite reliable.

Also into account that the 001 inputs are far better than the G4 line inputs.

You canīt run PT on anything else than digi Hardware!!!

there is a FREE version that uses the Soundmanager but (if you havenīt guessed it already)
only for OS9.
last: PT11.3.1
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