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Default Layout faders jusitfy right

I'm using an Avid S6 M40 with a 5 foot frame. There's a MTM module in the middle with 16 faders to the left of it and an expand knob module and joystick module to the right.

I'm trying to get the layout tracks to start spilling from the 1st fader to the left of the MTM module (justified to the right of the 16 faders). Currently they are starting to spill from the furthest fader to the left, leaving blank spaces on the right of the 16 faders if there's less than 16 tracks in a layout. I would like the blank faders to be on the left instead. Banking justification mode doesn't seem to do much, so is there something I'm missing?

Running S6 version 2021.6.1.7 and Pro Tools Ultimate 2021.7 on a Mac Pro (Rack, 2019) with OSX 10.15.7
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