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Default Re: digidesign 002r not working in windows 7 32 bit-Nuendo 4/cubais5

The biggest question is whether the 002r actually works. Are you aware of the "power harness" issue? Step #1 for me, would be to find someone using either 002r or 003r and trying your 002r on their system. 1 important warning here...never(and I mean NEVER) hot-patch 002 or 003 boxes as this can fry the FW circuit in the interface, the computer, or both. Since you have the rack unit, there may be a simple fix. Pop the lid and face the unit towards you. The PSU will be on the right side and has 2 plastic Molex connections, 2 wire coming in, and maybe a dozen colored wires going out(this is the power harness). I would unplug/re-plug both of those connections 5-6 times each. Then follow the harness out to 2 more connections and repeat for each. This action MIGHT scrape thru the oxidation and make the unit work again(its a free trick that just might reveal if the harness is the problem).
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