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Default Protools 10 upgrade (imac-macbook pro)

Hello guys, I am asking this question on behave of another person who does not speak english.

Now, this is the situation:

Currently, he has PT9 working on an imac. He plans to buy PT10, aslo a macbook pro.

what is the best way to do it, having a desktop (imac) and a protable laptop (macbook pro) with one copy of PT10 upgrade?

or, would it be better to buy one PT10 full version?

with the upgrade, will he need to go around carrying the ilock if he is using the macbook at another place, and bring back the ilock to use the imac (home).

additional questions:
how can he install PT10 upgrade in lion (mac book pro), does he has to fist install 9, and go on?
does lion supports PT10?

thanks guys,

I know these questions could be a little boring.

tried to go and get answers from the web, but, english is not our strong area,

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