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Default CPU constant overload with M1 Mac

Hi there,

Through my many-years experience with Pro Tools I've always been able to find a solution for my problems on this site - since today. I hope I didn't missed any alike thread.

I've changed my home set-up for 2020 Mac Mini with M1. I got my newest Pro Tools and stumbled on this thing - every time I try to open any older session my CPU usage goes up to 100%. Even disabling all the plug-ins doesn't lower the usage. Moreover after opening any older session the usage remains at 100% even after closing it or creating a new one. Of course playback doesn't work at this point. I've tried it on 2021.3, 2021.10 and 2021.12 versions - every time the same story.

Did anyone have similar issue? I don't know if the fact that's new M1 fancy thing has to do anything with this but after reading tonnes of "astonishing PT performence" M1 reviews I'm getting little resigned at this point. Thanks in advance
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