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Default Re: I might be adding another modeler soon

TDD, I have a question about the liquid foot.

In Song Mode, it looks like I can program 24 presets per song.

Let's say I have a Song with Presets 1, 12, 48, 9 and I have Song programmed to start with Preset 1.

Assuming, for each Preset, I have a button programmed with Preset Up Function. (Which I believe I would ensure via Page programming):

Will the Preset Up function increment through Presets 1, 12, 48, 9 (the presets associated with this Song) or will it cause an increment of Presets 1, 2, 3, 4.

The Function Preset Up mentions that it works in Preset/Direct mode which makes me suspicious it might not work in Song mode as I would like.

Basically trying to build a "Performance Mode" into the controller to minimize buttons needed to switch Presets.
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