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Default Re: I might be adding another modeler soon

Originally Posted by AvidEditor View Post
I'm also a fan of looping. Our drummer refers to looping live as in the same classification as lip syncing. I think he's only half kidding - I can see that it's "cheating" but I only need it to cover rhythm for a solo in one song, is looping a big sin? Interesting subject actually.
I've heard some really creative uses of live looping. One of my favorites is the way Jim Thomas of The Mermen uses it to build intros for their tunes. It's almost unnoticeable until you suddenly have to ask yourself: "Hey, where did those three other guitar parts come from?"

I'm still looking forward vicariously for TDD to get his Kemper!
Me, too. I decided to order through the local dealer rather than Sweetwater, so I'm looking at a mid-July delivery.
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