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Default Re: I might be adding another modeler soon

Originally Posted by TieDyedDevil View Post
I'm a fan of loopers. For me, the "gold standard" is the full-blown Boomerang III rig: the III, the Sidecar and the Wholly Roller.

I have a Looperlative LP1 in my Eleven Rack rig. It's pretty good, but there are some issues regarding loop quality and noise floor.

For the KPA rig, I'll probably just wait until they implement a looper. If that's not enough, I can always run a Boomerang III package in the KPA's loop.
I'm also a fan of looping. Our drummer refers to looping live as in the same classification as lip syncing. I think he's only half kidding - I can see that it's "cheating" but I only need it to cover rhythm for a solo in one song, is looping a big sin? Interesting subject actually.

I'm still looking forward vicariously for TDD to get his Kemper!
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