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Default Re: I might be adding another modeler soon

Originally Posted by blewis View Post
I've had my eye on a LF JR+ for a while now, but seeing these videos makes me worry that a LF 12+ might be a more future proof solution.
I was one of the early adopters of the 12+. IIUC, I have one of the first 100 production units.

I came across the LF+ while Googling for my "fantasy" controller that'd have per-button displays and lots of stateful programming capabilities. I was seriously at the point where I was either going to try to built something myself or find someone willing to design and build to my spec. Finding FAMC was a godsend. I have never been happier with a product.

The 12+ is, IMO, pretty much the sweet spot. IMO, going to the JR+ doesn't save enough space to justify the loss of switches, and the Pro+ is too big for my needs.

I take full advantage of the pages functionality. With my current programming, I have nearly 60 IAs in use. I haven't yet delved into the new software that supports up to 180 IAs.
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