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Default Re: I might be adding another modeler soon

There's no doubt I'll own a Kemper at some point. TTD had some features he was waiting for and I've had three features I must have; Rack mount, dedicated foot controller and looper. Granted, I imagine I could get by with my midi rocktron on the floor but when I go in the direction of Kemper I might sell my tube amp and therefore most of my pedals which means I'd sell my TC Flashback x4 which I love and depend on for one song our dive bar cover band covers. I need a looper and hauling around the rather largish Flashback to use with a Kemper would be ridiculous.

With my Kemper plans I'm depending on the fact a tech 21 power engine 60 (or some other relatively flat response combo) as my stage monitor would give me a tube vibe while playing - while concurrently running the Kemper to the PA/FOH.

I'll add the only reason I'd buy a Kemper is for recording. I don't need it for playing out, as a matter of fact I prefer a mic'd amp because it's the best of all worlds. Maybe with a Kemper live I'd just mic the Power Engine lol. Anyhow, the Kemper could add amp variety live - but more amp variety live is something I really don't need.

The one thing I'd depend on with the Kemper live is that instead of distortion pedals (both physical pedals in front of the Kemper and Distortion FX within Kemper) I'd dial in amp profiles that had the varying degrees of crunch and distortion (both on neck and bridge pickups) that I need gigging.

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